2023 Water Rates

The Jackson County RWD #1 board of directors voted to increase water rates beginning January 1, 2023. The minimum rate will increase by $1 and the water rates will increase by $.45 per thousand gallons. The cost of a new benefit unit will be raised from $4000 to $5000. At the February 28, 2023 board meeting the Jackson Couny RWD #1 board of directors voted to increase water rates beginning with the April 2023 water bill $.40 per thousand gallons. The residential rate will now be $7.87 per thousand gallons.

Sunday August 7, 2022 Water Line Fix on Menoken Road

8/7/2022 12 pm we are in the process of fixing a water line on Menoken road in Shawnee county. We are working as quickly as possible to get the water restored to those in that area without water. Thank you for your patience.

2021 CCR Report

To see Jackson County RWD #1 2021 CCR Report go to

Payments made online

Payments made online thru our website are posted to your account when they are posted to the water district bank account.

How To Read Your Remote Read Meter

For those of you who have had the new remote read meter installed, here is how you can read it and see if you have a leak. When removing the water meter lid, be careful not to damage the cable that connects the disc antenna to the meter. You will need to shine a flashlight on the digital read face of the meter. If water is being used you will see an arrow flashing at the top of the display. If you look under photos on our website you will see pictures of what the digital display looks like....

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