Remote Read Meters
Cindy Broxterman 20166

Remote Read Meters

The Jackson County RWD #1 board of directors decided to begin the process of installing remote read meters. These meters that will be able to be read by using a radio signal that will pick up the read by driving by. We have currently installed 1179 remote read meters. Currently the district has 1191 meters. The remaining meters will be installed the next few months.
As a customer, you may begin to see the employees of the water district replacing your water meter with a remote read meter. The remote read meters require an antenna that is on top of the meter pit lid. The disc shaped antenna will stick up approximately 1/4" above the lid.
When your water meter is replaced with the remote read meter with antenna we would request that you avoid driving over the meter pit lid that will have the antenna installed on top of it. If you damage the meter lid and/or antenna there will be a service charge to replace the meter lid and antenna. That fee is yet to be determined.



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